1. Teams can only forfeit on GAME DAY after 9.00am and before 4.00pm ring 99180077 if not answered, leave a message, the time will be noted. You cannot forfeit by email.

2. Do not ring Gus’s mobile as this is private number and no information will be given over this line and forfeits will not be accepted.

3. A forfeit will be declared after 5 minutes from when the scheduled time the game was to start and the offending team has less than 5 players able to take the court.

4. Any team forfeiting will lose 2 points.

5. Any team forfeiting after 4pm on game day will lose 4 points.

6. Any team forfeiting with out giving notice and just not turning up will lose 6 points.

7. Any team forfeiting 2 games in a single competition will be replaced with out notice and without any refund. If a new team applies to join the competition, they can replace the offending team.

8. If a team advises that it wants to play in the next competition and fails to play by the 1st round of that competition it can be replaced by a new team which is on the waiting list.

9. If a team is not financial ( all team members fees payed ) after 3 weeks no Competition points will be given to that team until fees are payed. Lost points will not be given back.

10. If any team drops out of the competition with out paying all fees, that team and all of it’s members will be barred from entering any future competitions.

11. Unnecessary roughness or verbal abuse are send off offences for how many center passes the umpire deems necessary.

12. All draws and point score tables will be posted on the web site or HYPERLINK

13. These rules of the competition are here for all to see. Not reading or knowing the rules will not be taken into account when applying these rules.